and our organic products.


Olimagiò is also a country restaurant.  Bookings only, it is available for special events, private ceremonies, parties among friends and family.
The cuisine favours organic products, grown on our farm lands, this food and wine experience is ideal in order to taste foods from the farmland and the sea.

The vegetables, herbs and fruits we grow are used with artisan products from the area, such as the renowned lard from Colonnata, fresh meat to be barbecued, cheeses and cold meats, all washed down by the best Tuscan wine, in a perfect accompaniment.

Customised fresh fish menus are also possible, depending on what is available in the local market.


One of the best loved moments by our guests at Olimagiò is breakfast.

During spring and summer, weather permitting, this is set out in the garden, with views over the vegetable gardens.  You are surrounded by the colours of nature, with all the aromas and sounds of the Tuscan countryside to envelope you.

A vast buffet is set out every day, on the large marble table in our kitchen.  We use the products from our farm to make cakes, pies and desserts, and savoury dishes, with a selection of cheeses and local cured meats, is also available.

Naturally fresh fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, yoghurt are always on hand, with the cafeteria ready and willing to help you face the day in the right way.


Olimagio is a farm restaurant and country house in the full meaning of the words. Accommodation in our cottages is enhanced by a taste of the fruit and vegetables we grow, in a purely organic manner.

Zero food miles at Olimagiò really means just a few metres.

Guests in the Small Cottage can enjoy the views over the centuries-old olive grove: every autumn we harvest the olives to obtain a refined and perfumed extra-virgin olive oil.

Guests in the Big Cottage can enjoy views over the vegetable gardens, chicken coop and the fields, be immersed in the rural atmosphere, taking a step back in time.

More information

Write to us for more information on our restaurant and Olimagio organic products.