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Styled with elegance and inspired by the surroundings, every accommodation at Olimagio is designed to offer you a regenerating experience to invigorate your soul.

All units are provided with wi-fi, TV, air conditioning, mini-fridge, and boiler, some characterized by a rustic design with light wood furniture, others in a traditional Tuscan style.

Almost all units are located on the ground floor, with direct access to the private garden or outdoor patio, provided also with a microwave and have the possibility of an additional bed/s for children under 12 years old. Please inform us immediately when booking.
The apartments are completed with a kitchen inserted into the dining room and living room.

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Being more an experiencing location rather then a simple room to sleep in, we inform you that we are mainly aimed at customers with weekly stays. We therefore always have promotions based on the length of stay: 5 nights: 20% – means that the fifth night is free), 6 nights 25% and 7 nights 30% discount. We also have a MINIMUM NIGHTS POLICY, in high season 4 nights, in mid season 3 nights, and in low season 2 nights, and we never accept bookings of just one night.

As we have different types of accommodation, not all describable on the booking systems, we may accommodate various and wider configurations of families/friends. If you are more than two people, we advise you to write to us directly describing your group configuration, age and needs, so that we may suggest the best solution during the requested dates. If you are just two adults you are welcome to make a direct online reservation, but please note we cannot guarantee your room choice. Among the photos there are photos of all the rooms of each type. Breakfast is on request and for other food needs please ask by 11:00 on the relevant day. Parking for one normal-sized car is free.

Via Vaiana, 68 ⋅ 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
+39 0584 768 958 ⋅

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