How to get to us

We are in the centre of Versilia, framed by the Apuan Alps, a few minutes away from the beach at Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta.

Olimagio can be reached by car and there is free parking for guests.

The motorway exit is a few minutes away, even though the country hose is in the open countryside.

The closest railway station is Forte dei Marmi / Serravezza / Querceta  if travelling by regional and/or Intercity trains, or Massa Centro if travelling on Frecciabianca / Frecciargento.

The closest airport is Pisa, 40 km away. A shuttle bus is available for transport from the airport to the railways station.

From Pisa take the rtain to Forte dei Marmi / Serravezza / Querceta (

Contact us

Via Vaiana, 68 | 55045 Pietrasanta (LU) |+39 0584 768 958 |

Via Vaiana, 68 ⋅ 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
+39 0584 768 958 ⋅

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