A journey into nature and the real flavors of our land

Olimagio embodies the essence of the authentic Tuscan gastronomic tradition, showcasing a commitment to using exclusively organic, genuine, and locally sourced, and farm to table products from our own garden.

Guests can enjoy the views over the centuries-old olive grove, where each autumn, we carefully harvest olives to produce a refined and fragrant extra-virgin olive oil.

Discover the BIO products of Olimagiò

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Our bees live in Alta Val Tidone at 450msl in uncontaminated nature. The main blooms are acacia, lime, chestnut and there is no shortage of wildflowers such as dandelions, blackberries, dog roses and many spontaneous flowers. Our honey is called virgin as it is cold extracted to keep the nutrients intact, therefore often, not being pasteurised, it crystallises.

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A refined and perfumed extra-virgin olive oil, organic with BIO certification. If you have never tasted locally produced, fresh olive oil, you will be amazed.
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Our fresh seasonal fruits produce our home made jam.

To buy our products, please send an email to

Via Vaiana, 68 ⋅ 55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
+39 0584 768 958 ⋅

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